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Raise the Bar, Not the Sacrifices! Why Sacrifices Don't Equal Engagement?

The question of how to get a raise is a constant topic of conversation for employees. While some might envision drastic measures like skipping lunch or working through the night.

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The LendEDU conducted an online poll and collected responses from 1,238 employed U.S. residents on 16 questions related to an immediate 10% annual raise in salary if they agreed to the respective sacrifice. Some of the responses received were –

  • 40.06% would give up dental care for the next five years

  • 53.55% would give up all social media accounts for the next five years

  • 88.61% would give up watching Game of Thrones for life

  • 43.86% would give up exercise for the next five years

  • 73.42% would give up all alcoholic beverages for the next five years

  • 50.65% would give up watching movies for the next three years

  • 55.9% would work an extra 10 hours per week for life

  • 15.27% would give up all of their vacation days for the next five years

  • 47.74% would give up all caffeinated products for the next two years

This survey offers a glimpse into employee desires, but it's important to look beyond the surface. While some sacrifices might seem humorous, they reveal a deeper yearning for:

  • Work-Life Balance: Giving up weekends or social media points to a desire for clearer boundaries and more time for personal pursuits.

  • Meaningful Work: Trading movies or hobbies for work hints at a need for work that feels purposeful and engaging.

  • Financial Security: The willingness to give up health insurance reflects a desire for financial security and stability.

Here's why these sacrifices should be a red flag for any business leader:

  • Low Morale and Engagement: Employees willing to give up hobbies or social connections likely feel disconnected from their work and the company.

  • Burnout Risk: Sacrificing sleep, exercise, or work-life balance for a raise indicates employees are pushing themselves to the limit, potentially leading to burnout.

  • High Turnover: Disgruntled and stressed employees are more likely to leave for a better work environment.

Instead of waiting for employees to reach a breaking point, proactive HR practices can address these concerns. While competitive salaries are important, a well-rounded compensation package can address employee needs in a more holistic way. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Offer remote work options, compressed workweeks, or flexible start/end times to promote work-life balance and autonomy.

  • Professional Development Opportunities: Invest in training and development programs that help employees grow their skills and advance their careers, fostering a sense of purpose.

  • Wellness Programs: Prioritize employee well-being with on-site fitness facilities, healthy meal options, or mental health resources. This can boost employee morale and reduce healthcare costs.

  • Profit Sharing or Bonuses: Tie compensation to company performance to create a sense of ownership and shared success.

  • Recognition and Appreciation: Don't underestimate the power of a simple "thank you" or public recognition for a job well done. It fosters a positive work environment and motivates employees.

Raise in salary, Infinity Ventures, Infinity People

At Infinity people, we are passionate about helping businesses create a culture of appreciation and engagement. Our HR consultants offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to:

  • Conduct Employee Engagement Surveys: We'll help you identify employee needs and motivations through surveys and focus groups, going beyond surface-level data.

  • Develop a Customized Compensation Strategy: We can guide you in crafting a compensation package that goes beyond salary, offering a variety of benefits and perks tailored to your workforce.

  • Foster a Culture of Recognition: We offer workshops and resources to help your organization create a culture of appreciation where employees feel valued and motivated.

Employee motivation is a complex issue, but by offering more than just a paycheck, you can create a truly engaged workforce. Let's move beyond the "Game of Thrones" sacrifices and build a workplace where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Contact Infinity Ventures today! Together, let's create a work environment where everyone thrives.


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