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Beyond the Resume: Engaging Questions to Spark Curiosity and Retain your New Hires

Hiring the perfect candidate is just the first step. The true challenge lies in keeping them motivated, inspired, and excited to contribute their best work. Forget the rote memorization of interview questions – it's time to delve deeper! This blog by Infinity Ventures equips you with a unique arsenal of questions designed to:


  • Spark Curiosity: Uncover your new hire's genuine interests and passions beyond the resume.

  • Ignite Passion: Identify what truly motivates your new hire, fostering a sense of purpose and ownership.

  • Predict Success: Gain valuable insights into work styles, communication preferences, and problem-solving approaches.

  • Build Rapport: Create a welcoming and open environment that fosters long-term engagement and retention.

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Unconventional Questions to Spark Curiosity and Passion

Here are some thought-provoking questions to add to your new hire onboarding process, along with detailed explanations for why they're valuable:


  1. "If you could build your ideal work team, what unique skills and personalities would each member possess?" This question goes beyond the typical "What are your strengths/weaknesses?" It reveals how your new hire values collaboration, what kind of team environment they thrive in, and how they might contribute to building a cohesive unit.

  2. "Imagine opening a time capsule in 5 years. What accomplishment within this company would you want to find inside?" This question taps into your new hire's aspirations and long-term vision. Their answer can help you identify their goals and how they align with the company's mission. Do they see themselves growing within the organization? Are they motivated by personal development and making a lasting impact?

  3. "If you could tackle any unsolved problem in your field, what would it be and how would you approach it?" This question goes beyond technical skills and delves into your new hire's problem-solving approach and passion for innovation. Does their answer demonstrate critical thinking and a desire to make a difference? Are they curious and eager to learn?

  4. "What kind of impact do you hope to leave on this company, your team, or the industry as a whole?" This question uncovers your new hire's desire to contribute and make a difference. Are they motivated by simply completing tasks or do they crave ownership and a sense of purpose? Their answer can help you understand their long-term commitment and how to best engage them.

  5. "Imagine you have unlimited resources for professional development. What new skills or knowledge would you be most eager to acquire?" This question reveals your new hire's commitment to continuous learning and growth. Are they curious and always seeking to improve themselves? Their answer can guide you in providing them with development opportunities that align with their interests and the company's needs.

Hiring Questions, Infinity Ventures, Infinity People


Additional Questions to Consider for a Well-Rounded Picture

While the above questions are a powerful starting point, here are some additional considerations to ensure you get a well-rounded picture of your new hire:


  • Strengths-Based Interviewing: Incorporate questions that allow your new hire to showcase their strengths and how they can be applied to the role. This can help you understand how they can best contribute to the team and create a more positive interview experience.

  • Company Culture Fit: Ask questions that explore your new hire's values and work style to assess their fit within the company culture. For example, "What kind of work environment do you thrive in?" or "Describe a time you had to collaborate with someone who had a different work style."

  • Salary and Benefits Expectations: It's important to have an open conversation about salary and benefits expectations early on to avoid any misunderstandings or future frustrations.


Beyond the Questions: Fostering Long-Term Engagement

While these questions are a powerful starting point, true engagement extends beyond the interview. Here are some additional tips to ensure your new hires thrive:


  • Onboard for Success - Tailor onboarding to individual strengths, interests, and learning styles.

  • Mentorship Magic - Pair new hires with mentors for guidance, support, and career development.

  • Frequent Feedback - Regular check-ins for goals, progress, and two-way communication.

  • Celebrate Wins - Recognize achievements big or small to boost morale and belonging.

  • Invest in Growth - Offer ongoing learning opportunities like online courses or conferences.

  • Empower & Own - Give new hires project ownership to foster responsibility and satisfaction.

  • Work-Life Balance - Respect personal time, encourage healthy boundaries, and offer flexibility.

Hiring Questions, Infinity Ventures, Infinity People

At Infinity Ventures, we understand the importance of employee engagement. Our Infinity People team offers a comprehensive suite of human resource solutions, including talent acquisition, onboarding, and employee development programs. We can help you attract top talent, create a dynamic work environment, and empower your new hires to become successful and long-term contributors.

Hiring exceptional professionals is crucial, but retaining them is the ultimate goal. By incorporating these unconventional questions and fostering a culture of continuous learning, open communication, and empowerment, you can build a thriving team of motivated and passionate individuals.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your new hires? Contact Infinity Ventures today and let Infinity People help you create a workplace where your new talent can not only survive, but thrive!

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