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We envision your plot as more than just a piece of land, it's a canvas for shared growth and exceptional living. Our pioneering model revolutionizes real estate collaboration by offering plot owners a distinct choice tailored to their preferences and financial requirements.


In this innovative partnership, plot owners are presented with multiple options to choose from. They can opt to receive meticulously crafted portions from the development on their plot or be a partner to Infinity and maximise their financial returns. This not only transforms the vacant plot into a functional, stylish living space but also provides owners with the flexibility to choose what they want. 

Area share model

Revenue share model

For those seeking a more dynamic engagement, our model allows plot owners to participate in the profits generated from the eventual sale of the property. This avenue enables a collaborative journey where both parties share in the success of the real estate venture. As we navigate the complexities of the property market, your plot becomes a source of shared prosperity, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved.

What sets this collaboration apart is its inherent flexibility. We recognize that each individual has unique aspirations and preferences. Whether you choose to have a share in a specific development or a notional share backed by guarantee or a simple profit share, our model adapts to your vision, ensuring a tailor-made offering that aligns with your goals.

Fixed return model

Explore the flexibility of creating your own formula for growth. With this you can create your own format of development with multiple variables like area, revenue, return, exchange and many more.  So, you can be sure that you get what you truly need and want.

Create your own model


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