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Wisdom behind the vision

Our diverse and highly skilled team is committed to achieving excellence across a range of products, services, geographies, and business verticals.

Our unity of purpose is not only a product of our collective vision but also stems from a longstanding working relationship built on the commonality of thoughts, emotions and beliefs, making us all strive for customer delight.


Founder's Profile

Arrman Chaudhry is a seasoned corporate professional with a two-decade  experience in People and Business Management, with an enormous diverse experience in the Real Estate & Infrastructure sectors.

He is the founder of Infinity Ventures and has to his credit, putting together the capital, vision, teams and processes for the multiple group companies that aim to address key gaps in the real estate domain, operating under the Infinity brands umbrella. His vision is to offer the most ethical and professional customer experience across the various products and services that Infinity companies provide.


He has been a well-regarded C-suite professional with an illustrious career record of leading teams proficiently and productively, across reputed corporates like Tata, DLF, Emaar, M3M and others and is a reputed member of various social, corporate and industry bodies.

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Key Management Personnel


Akanksha Darswal

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Chief Of Staff & Head of Corporate Ops

Being a people’s person comes naturally to Akanksha. With the wisdom & versatility to handle varied situations and interpersonal circumstances, her core lies in creating and achieving balance. 


Through her corporate journey, she has been able to build, motivate and direct large groups/teams effectively towards the achievement of a common agenda that merged individual aspirations with corporate objectives. 


Her role at Infinity encompasses leading our Management Consulting business as its CEO as well as integrating and synergising corporate operations across all group companies as the Chief of Staff to Chairman.


Gunjan Chaudhary

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Chief Marketing Officer

Gunjan is a dynamic professional known for seamlessly blending creativity with pragmatism, employing innovative thinking alongside a practical approach to problem-solving.


Throughout her career, Gunjan has enabled business growth through her creative problem-solving skills and an unparalleled work ethic. Her ability to see the bigger picture helps her simplify complex communication requirements.


At Infinity, she is in charge of establishing systems and processes that bring the team's creative vision to life.


Jagbir Singh

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Chief Administrative Officer & Group PRO

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to efficiency, Jagbir spearheads corporate initiatives to streamline processes, optimize resources, and foster a productive work environment. Drawing upon his extensive experience in management and administration, he ensures compliance with industry regulations and helps all group companies uphold the highest standards of professionalism. Collaborating closely with operating teams, he strives to drive the company towards sustained growth and prosperity.


Manender Chaudhary

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Head of Project Management

Manender excels in leading multi-disciplinary teams, thriving in high-pressure environments with an insatiable enthusiasm for acquiring new skills.


Proven leadership on international level projects, ability to manage the entire project lifecycle and leading meticulous reviews sum up Manender's commitment to excellence.


Focused on achieving economy, safety, and quality, Manender ensures that projects functions at Infinity align with client requirements as well as technical, budgetary, and time targets.  


Bhuvan Bajaj

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Head of Services & Business Development

As the Head of Services & Corporate Business, Bhuvan brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to the forefront. With a distinguished background in HVAC systems management and a keen understanding of corporate business dynamics, he is instrumental in driving strategic initiatives that enhance our operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Bhuvan's proactive approach to corporate business development fosters key partnerships and drives revenue growth, positioning our company as a key service provider in the real estate industry.


Shah Maqbool Alam

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Chief Development Officer

Maqbool is a seasoned professional known for his focused, process-driven approach and meticulous attention to detail.


With over two decades of experience, Maqbool has consistently exceeded expectations through on-ground leadership and an insightful, cost-conscious mindset.


As a key player at Infinity, Maqbool's leadership and customer-centric dedication drive the success of projects, reflecting the organization's commitment to delivering exceptional value and service to clients.


Kavita saxena

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Head of CRM & Relationships

With a rich corporate experience, Kavita excels in internal performance management, networking, client relationships and overseeing the founder's office

Having navigated an intricate landscape of operations and market as well as customer dynamics, she adds to and optimizes a synergistic performance across diverse realms that Infinity operates in. 

Her role in the founder's office is driven by her adeptness in aligning strategies with overarching organizational goals, and ably supporting the leadership team in deploying an astute performance and revenue management process.

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Heena Abroul

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Head of Concept & Interiors

With an innate instinct for harmonizing materials, forms, and textures and a unique ability to envision and craft bespoke designs is what sets Heena apart as a shining star in her field.


With over a decade of experience, she has committed herself to conceptualizing and designing diverse projects across Delhi NCR and other international locations. Her indelible mark spans sectors such as Hospitality, Beauty and Wellness, Residential, and Commercial.


Heena's expertise extends to leading concept development, meticulous detailing, and fostering strong client relationships.  


Sidharth Jain

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Head of Alliances & Revenue Enhancement

As the Head of Real Estate Sales and Channel Partner Development Sidharth brings a blend of strategic acumen and inspirational leadership to the table. With a proven track record in creating and maintaining lasting relationships, he formulates and leads deployment of sales strategies and channel partner enrolment programs that optimize revenue generation and market penetration


Aman Upadhyay

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Head of Digital & Corporate Branding

An insightful and inquisitive mind is what sets Aman apart from his contemporaries. His artistic flair and the ability to spot beauty in simplicity is what drives him as an individual.


From films to social issues to creative campaigns to personal pursuits, his journey has been one full of exploration and excitement.


His role as the Head of Branding at Infinity allows him to blend conventional wisdom with new age communication platforms and leveraging the power of social media to convey what brand Infinity stands for.

Our Team

Mansi Mahajan

Human Resources Lead

Suparn Rana

Planning Manager

Arvind Rai

Project Manager

Md. Sufiyan

Project Manager

Naushad Ahmed

Project Manager

Manjeet Poria


Shashi Suryavanshi

Interior Designer

Jeetendra Kumar

Project Manager

Manoj Kaushik

Security Manager

Kalyan Biswas

Head - Office Administration

Shatrughan Kamat

Officer - Administration

Mashood Jawaid

Cluster Head Projects

Jagdish Prasad

Project Manager


Hospitality Manager

Kuldeep Bhandari

Officer - Administration

Vipin Arora

Senior Architect

Ankush Sheokand



Assistant Hospitality Manager


Officer - Administration

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