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11:59 PM (IST) 29 FEBRUARY 


The "29 Hours Burpees Challenge (29HBC)" is a charitable initiative designed to support children in need of food and clothing. Through a blend of online and offline activities, the event aims to gather participants worldwide for a 29-hour burpee challenge on the leap day of this year, February 29th. The goal is to collectively achieve 29,000 burpees. Mann and his team will spearhead this effort, dedicating themselves to 29 hours of uninterrupted burpees, with just 29 minutes allocated for breaks. The event will take place at Knox - Gurugram, at 6:59 PM, 28th February to 11:59 PM, 29th February.

Join #29hbc online or experience it firsthand at Knox, Gurugram. Whether you prefer the digital buzz or the energetic atmosphere of our offline event, there's a spot waiting for you.

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About Mann

Mann is the driving force behind the "29 Hours Burpees Challenge (29HBC)" and holds a vision to create a community that collectively pushes physical and mental boundaries. With a background in football spanning over 8 years, Mann continuously seeks new ways to spread awareness and create resources for those in need. His passion for extreme adventures is evident in initiatives like the "24-hour movement run," which raised funds for distributing blankets to the underprivileged community in Delhi. Mann's future plans include walking the Himalayan range entirely by foot, aiming to raise awareness on various issues. His commitment to prioritizing wellness and creating awareness is showcased through his participation in challenges that align with his goals, demonstrating his determination and commitment to his aspirations.

#29hbc Team

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The Cause

#29hbc #29hoursburpeeschallenge

The cause behind the "29 Hours Burpees Challenge (29HBC)" is to support children in need of food and clothing. In association with The One Friend NGO, we aim to raise awareness and funds to provide essential resources for underprivileged children, ensuring they have access to basic necessities for a better quality of life. Through the collective efforts of participants worldwide, we strive to make a meaningful impact and bring positive change to the lives of these children in need.

How can you help?

You can support our cause in multiple ways. Firstly, consider donating by scanning the provided QR code, ensuring your contribution directly aids children in need of food and clothing. Additionally, we welcome donations of clothes, which can offer warmth and comfort to underprivileged children. If you're nearby, join us at Knox Gym, Gurugram, for the 29-hour burpee challenge, amplifying our collective effort and raising awareness for our cause. Lastly, don't forget to offer words of encouragement to Mann and his team as they lead this initiative with dedication and passion. Your support makes a significant impact on our mission to help those in need.

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₹50 for 1 meal.
₹750 feeds 5 children thrice.
₹4350 supports 29 kids thrice
₹15150 nourishes 101 children.
₹1,26,150 feeds 29 kids for a month.

We have exceeded the limit for the NGO’s UPI, for the time being, you can share all donations to this QR code!

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